Executive VP & CFO - Research Triangle Foundation

What are you most proud of professionally?

Professionally, I am most proud of the work I do now helping to carry on the amazing legacy of Research Triangle Park with an incredibly talented team. I have always enjoyed real estate development, but to be able to physically transform the park for future generations pretty much tops my list. To have the honor of watching our small, yet mighty team accomplish such greatness for the state of North Carolina and the Research Triangle Region is a dream job.

What is your perfect day?

My perfect day would be to accomplish every task on my list. But that never happens, so I just settle for almost perfect days.

What phrase do you say most frequently?

We can’t be all things to all people. The sooner we realize it and stick to our core competencies or what we can successfully achieve, the better off we will be.

What personality trait do you value most in others?


Do you have any scars that tell a story? If so, what is it?

I have a scar that runs along my lifeline on my right hand. I got it by trying to climb a fence when I was in the 6th grade to get to the middle-school baseball field. Since I was late meeting my sisters to play softball, my best friend and I tried to climb the fence and take a shortcut. It certainly taught me at an early age that shortcuts are not always the best route to take.


Hub RTP – At the Center of It All

Research Triangle Foundation manages Research Triangle Park, the country’s largest innovation center. Hub RTP – which is centrally located between Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill – is a $1.5 billion multi-use urban district that will eventually include two million square feet of office, residential, retail and hotel space, as well as 13+ acres of green space. The foundation selected KDC to develop one million square feet of office space in the 44-acre Hub RTP. The buildings will be the first high-rise in Research Triangle Park. KDC and the Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina chose White Point Partners to develop the retail portion of the project’s first phase. The Charlotte, N.C.-based firm will build a 50,000-square-foot mixed-use property with an estimated price tag of $20 million. Designed by Duda Paine Architects, the mixed-use building will offer about 25,000 square feet of experiential retail surrounding a large, outdoor plaza fronting the signature recreational greenway connection through RTP. Roughly 25,000 square feet of creative office will sit on top of the retail. The mixed-use project marks the commencement of vertical development at Hub RTP and will feature architecture that integrates Hub RTP’s natural and distinctive landscape. It is expected to be completed in Q2 2022.

To enable the vertical development at Hub RTP, KDC will demolish an existing Wells Fargo branch and build a new 4,000-square-foot prototype branch. This branch will be the first completed project in the urban district. The branch serves Hub RTP as well as 300 existing companies located within the Research Triangle Park area. The branch will be completed in January 2022. Founded in 1959, Research Triangle Park is home to more than 300 global companies including IBM, Cisco, Credit Suisse, BASF, Fidelity Investments, GlaxoSmithKline, Lenovo and RTI International.

“KDC is excited about the new relationship with White Point Partners. The firm is widely recognized for its forward-thinking approach to retail, which is exactly what a unique project such as Hub RTP deserves.” — Larry Wilson, KDC Division President


New Year Edition

What is your 2021 New Year's resolution, goal or focus word?

Deb Velez

"Teflon Love” are my words and my goal… Simply put, I am going to focus on loving people and overlooking wrongdoings. Also, I'm not going to harbor an offense or walk around wounded by commentary that was most likely not meant in the true spirit of the delivery."

Bill Guthrey

"JOY! In work and personal life!"

Barb Dye

"I am focused on getting the COVID vaccination (first shot scheduled!) to get through the first part of the year. The second part of this year, after the vaccine, I will start getting out and spending as much time with my family and friends as I possibly can!"

Walt Mountford

"Staying COVID safe."

Shea Bierster

"I am making this the year I reach out to more people in my network and strengthen old connections."

Bret Creel

"My family’s agreed-upon focus word for the year is 'positivity'!"

Hector Patino

"My New Year's resolution is to learn German."

Maria Melendez

"Focus word - 'Family'!"

Jim George

"Flexibility in a changing environment."

Linda Chase

"Focus Word: 'Shine'!"

Larry Wilson

"Read more books!"

Sherry Thompson


Did you fulfill your 2020 New Year's resolution?

Yes: 0%
No: 0%



9 Signs of Economic Recovery

Cushman & Wakefield Research has identified nine signs to watch that could indicate the CRE market and the economy in cities across the globe are transitioning to a recovery phase.

SOURCE: Cushman & Wakefield


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